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The Balance Rider is uniquely effective in the improvement of physical balance, core strength and proprioceptive agility.

Here are a few bits of information about why balance, core and proprioception are important:

Comfort and Confidence

  • Comfort and confidence in physical activity rely on balance
  • And balance relies largely on core strength.
  • You’ve got to be comfortable to be confident
  • And you’ve got to be confident to be comfortable.
  • Good balance and well-developed proprioception are both vital
    to the success of the comfort and confidence equation.

Core Strength

  • Core muscles––broadly defined––are all those small muscles
    that align and stabilize the spine.
  • It’s important to note that CORE muscles are more about the
    business of spinal functionality than they are about weight bearing.
  • None-the-less, like all muscles these internal, diminutive helpers need
    to be challenged in order to gain anda retain strength and flexibility.

Physical Balance

  • Balance is essential to physical health and safety;
  • Balance is THE most important of all athletic traits.
  • Balance is dynamic in that it changes continually
    in response to external forces.
  • Every form of physical activity is enhanced by good balance
    –– even just walking, sitting upright or getting in and out of a chair.


  • Proprioception is the unconscious awareness of movement
    and spatial orientation.
  • Proprioception makes it possible for us to analyze and properly
    respond to external stimulation.
  • Proprioception is the ability to know where the body part is without
    having to look.
  • Proprioception allows us to scratch our heads without looking in
    the mirror, and it enables us to walk up a flight of stairs without having to look at each stair.

About Jim Lauter, inventor of The Balance Rider

Jim LauterJim earned his degree in Exercise Science at the University of Colorado. A high school football coach for 15 years, Jim also holds the distinction of having been the first, ever, in home personal trainer in the busy resort town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Always involving himself in cutting edge technology, Jim has become an expert in the fields of proprioceptor exercise and core training. Married to a lifetime horsewoman, Jim conceived the idea for The Balance Rider to specifically target––from a unique seated position––the core muscles and proprioceptors that are so vital to physical fitness.

“Balance,” Jim says, “is not always recognized as an essential component of fitness. But the simple fact is that every form of physical activity –– even just walking, sitting upright or getting in and out of a chair––is enhanced by good balance.”

An understanding of this fitness aspect initiated the advent of proprioceptor exercise, commonly referred to as core training. It’s interesting to note that, although the same conditioning methods can strengthen core muscles AND enhance the efficacy of proprioceptor response, the terms are not synonyms. Both are important components of balance. But they are different, one from the other.

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