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The Deluxe Model

designed for home and normal use at equestrian facilities.

Lifetime Warranty

Offered on all manufactured parts. The only non-warranty items are upholstery and laser lights.

Accessories included on all models

Upholstery • The seat is padded with a thick, dense layer of industrial foam and upholstered with durable leatherette.

Laser Light • Designed to assist the rider in understanding when the seat is actually level, or parallel to the ground. • The motion of the laser on a wall or a target also enables riders to see how much movement is actually taking place, even when it seems that they are sitting still. • In addition to the technical aspect, this addition can be fun and entertaining in a competitive sense.

Tension Adjustor • This device enables the user to adjust the resistance to decrease or increase motion.
• Higher resistance gives an easier ride because the seat moves less freely. • Lower resistance presents greater challenges. •The range of motion can be gradually adjusted to suit skill improvements.

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