The Winning Combination

Balance • Confidence • Core Strength • Proprioception • Spinal Flexibility

The Balance Rider offers radical improvement of balance, proprioceptor efficiency,
and core strength ~with the bonus effect of natural pain relief. Perhaps the most
appealing aspect of this invention is its immense potential for helping people with a
broad spectrum of needs. Through this simple piece of equipment and the fun that
comes with its use, people of all ages and interests can improve both the quality
and the enjoyment of their lives.The Balance Rider is the only device on the market
that creates a simple, easy to perform, balanced regimen that focuses movements
on the trunk and spinal column, by largely removing the
proprioceptors of the foot, knee and hip.

For the Equestrian Athlete
the radical improvement of core strength & seated balance
that comes with the use of

The Balance Rider
result in optimal comfort and confidence for both the horse and the rider.

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