Helping people with horses who help people with challenges.

The Balance Rider is uniquely effective in the improvement of physical balance, core strength and proprioceptive agility.

Here are a few bits of information about why balance, core and proprioception are important:

Comfort and Confidence

  • Comfort and confidence in physical activity rely on balance
  • And balance relies largely on core strength.
  • You’ve got to be comfortable to be confident
  • And you’ve got to be confident to be comfortable.
  • Good balance and well-developed proprioception are both vital
    to the success of the comfort and confidence equation.

Physical Balance

  • Balance is essential to physical health and safety;
  • Balance is THE most important of all athletic traits.
  • Balance is dynamic in that it changes continually
    in response to external forces.
  • Every form of physical activity is enhanced by good balance
    –– even just walking, sitting upright or getting in and out of a chair.

Core Strength

  • Core muscles––broadly defined––are all those small muscles
    that align and stabilize the spine.
  • It’s important to note that CORE muscles are more about the
    business of spinal functionality than they are about weight bearing.
  • None-the-less, like all muscles these internal, diminutive helpers need
    to be challenged in order to gain anda retain strength and flexibility.


  • Proprioception is the unconscious awareness of movement
    and spatial orientation.
  • Proprioception makes it possible for us to analyze and properly
    respond to external stimulation.
  • Proprioception is the ability to know where the body part is without
    having to look.
  • Proprioception allows us to scratch our heads without looking in
    the mirror, and it enables us to walk up a flight of stairs without having to look at each stair.