Model & Accessory Descriptions

The Deluxe Model is designed for home and normal use at equestrian facilities.

The Industrial Model is designed for use in Fitness and Physical Therapy facilities, where the unit might be in use for 10 to 15 hours a day and for extensive use at equestrian facilities.
Please contact us if you would like more information about purchasing an industrial unit for your business.

Lifetime Warranty

Offered on all manufactured parts. The only non-warranty items are upholstery and laser lights.

These accessories are included on all models

Upholstery  The seat is padded with a thick, dense layer of industrial foam and upholstered with durable leatherette.

Laser Light  Designed to assist the rider in understanding when the seat is actually level, or parallel to the ground.  The motion of the laser on a wall or a target also enables riders to see how much movement is actually taking place, even when it seems that they are sitting still.  In addition to the technical aspect, this addition can be fun and entertaining in a competitive sense.

Tension Adjustor This device enables the user to adjust the resistance to decrease or increase motion.
Higher resistance gives an easier ride because the seat moves less freely.  Lower resistance presents greater challenges. The range of motion can be gradually adjusted to suit skill improvements.



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Deluxe Model ~ Below • $800, plus shipping





Industrial Model ~ Below  

For Fitness, Physical Therapy and Riding Facilities.
Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing an Industrial Unit for your Business


BR Industrial Composite



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